Sales stand for the WellHung

5 08 2013

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Well Hung

5 08 2013

The Wellhung hook is a product you install in a car’s headrest to secure shopping bags while driving. The WellHung prevents your shopping from being strewn across a boot and being damaged.

My self, Evan Huges, Skye King and Ryan Higgo are all part of the team that designed and developed the product as part of a University project. The aim of the project was to design a product which would be marketed and sold to generate a profit of R5000 or more. This was the result. Our Company: orders can now be placed.

SMEG Chainsaw Block Model

24 12 2012

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Knife design

3 12 2012


A small side project that kept me busy during my off time 

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Last Few Renders of the SMEG Chainsaw

15 11 2012

These are the last few Renders that will be posted. I used KeyShot to render these images.

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More SMEG chainsaw detail

14 11 2012

Chainsaw Design Project

1 11 2012

As part of our last project of the year, we were assigned to design a corded electric chainsaw. We were each given the choice of a specific brand and told to design the product using the design language of the brand. I chose to design a SMEG styled Chainsaw. Here are a few preliminary renderings of the chainsaw product. More images are soon to follow.

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