Automotive and Drill Sketching

10 09 2012

These are sketches resulting from a week long illustration tutorial class. The aim of the class was to develop copic and quick drawing skills. The main topics ware Sports cars, SUV’s, car interiors and Drills. This was the result.

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Biomimicry Kayak Design

3 09 2012

This was a biomimicry project which I did during my 3rd term of 2012. The brief stated that an everyday mass produced product should be chosen and redesigned using the biomimicry principles. I decided to choose a kayak since it is a sport a actively partake in my spare time. This was the result.

The grooves on the underside draw inspiration from the humpback whales underside. This has been implemented to improve drag on the water. The three fins on the tail draw inspiration from a fish’s fin. This provides stability and maneuverability in fast water. The fins also have grooves implemented into the design. This draws inspiration from a humpback whales fin. This is also to reduce drag created by the fins. The kayak has also been designed using the ratios of a dolphins body. the ratio has been proven to reduce drag

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